Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade by Marica Natali Thompson

Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade

Book Title: Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade

Publisher: marica thompson

ISBN: 1943091323

Author: Marica Natali Thompson

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Marica Natali Thompson with Birthdays: Handmade, Homemade

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Filled to the brim with step-by-step instructions for making original gifts, favors, cakes, wrapping, decorations and games, BIRTHDAYS: HANDMADE, HOMEMADE is interwoven with stories, photographs, illustrations and anecdotes. We invite readers to pull up a chair, pour a cup of tea and
spend the afternoon making and creating. Our goal is to offer inspiration on how to make
a birthday handmade, homemade and your very own.

Readers will love the creative ideas that make this book so personal and tangible. Projects
range from fast and easy . . . Dinosaurs in real eggshells, to more timely and in depth . . .
Dining table forts. Young parents and do-it-yourself enthusiasts will find endless help on
how to prepare and execute a homemade birthday party.

At a time when it seems like families are trying to take back just a bit of their own
and blogs hum with self-reliant know-how, this book is a great jumping-off point
for those aiming to leave commercialism behind and bring it all back to the ones they love.